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 Intellectual Bankruptcy of the African Elite

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Intellectual Bankruptcy of the African Elite Empty
MessageIntellectual Bankruptcy of the African Elite

Intellectual Bankruptcy of the African Elite
Chika Onyeani

"The African elite has been a total failure; they cannot
raise their heads in the community of scholars or the intelligentsia.
They want to continue to sit at the head of the totem pole, being
spoon-fed, rather than at the head of the battle line leading the masses
of Black people throughout the world. That they have not been able to
understand that the total Black race is under economic slavery is a
testament to their half-education and illiteracy.

A community cannot survive when its so-called educated citizens are
morally and intellectually bankrupt and decrepit. You cannot have a
community whose intelligentsia are mere parasites of other
cultures.....**It is any wonder then that we go to school and still come
out illiterates."*/

In a highly provocative piece culled from his book, Capitalist Nigger:
The Road to Success, pp. 97-119, Chika Onyeani concludes that the
African educated elite is a failure, an individual who is not useful to
the society, either in Africa or even as migrants.

Africans are not a forceful people, neither are they aggressive to the
point of a fight to the finish. We are not resolute in our commitment
to a goal and lack the devil-may-care doggedness needed to scale a Mount
Everest or the Himalayas. We are easily influenced and distracted in
pursuit of a quest to reach a set goal and to be the best that are
destined for us. Intellectually, we are bankrupt and decrepit. We have
a very short attention span, and have a very short burst of energy which
easily extinguishes in the face of impediment.

We prefer to be parasites of a culture which we had no hand in creating,
a Caucasion culture which took them years to perfect, and which we
cannot easily emulate in its basic tenets - a predisposition to make
wars not only on themselves but more so on others for intimidation and
supremacy. Unlike his Caucasian counterpart, the African is a
compassionate fool, easily influenced to hospitality of known enemies
because of their acts of deceitful intentions.

The balkanization of Africa by the six Caucasian nations, Britain,
France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany, resulted in the creation of
disparate and at best, baseless boundaries, countries without geographic
significance. The fig ht to gain independence, was not so much the
aggressive pursuit of the goal of independence by African leaders, as
the realization by the Europeans that they had looted all that they
needed to loot from Africa. The leaders of Africa who benefited from
the handout of independence to African countries had no concept of the
ideals of rulership they were inheriting other than their desire to
displace the Europeans in their oppression of masses of the people and
their opulent lifestyles with the resources of the people.

These leaders' vision was in stark contrast to that of Nelson Mandela
and Kenyatta, the Kenyan Mau Mau leader, Kwame Nkrumah, Mwalimu Nyerere,
and Nnamdi Azikiwe, all of whom were ready to give up their lives in
pursuit of the freedom of their people. They understood what it was to
be independent and free and were ready to give their lives to attain
that goal. The lack of commitment to the real meaning of freedom and
independence by those African leaders who "won" independence for their
respective countries from their former colonial masters has done more to
impugn the intelligence of the Blackman and raise more questions about
his ability to govern himself.

Today, Africa is worse off than when it gained independence from the
former colonial masters. The standard of living of the masses has
decreased steadily since gaining independence to the extent that now
there is more malnutrition, more diseases, less provision of essential
services, such as good roads, clean drinking water, good health care
provision and less freedom to express one's views. The promise of
independence has hardly been fulfilled.

Africa has incurred more debt, yet has nothing to show for it. The debts
incurred were used more for grandiose projects than for services to
benefit the people, such as the late Houphuet-Boigny's $1 billion to
build the so-called biggest and best known Cathedral in his remote
village in Yarmousoukro in the Ivory Coast. That is $1 billion to build
a Cathedral that is now not being utilized by the people, a large amount
of money gone down the drain. Was it necessary to build such a Cathedral
and deny the people essential services?

The issue in this portion of the book is not so much to show that the
leaders have not provided the leadership which would make us proud and
show that we can stand on equal footing with the rest of the world, but
rather to show the intellectual bankruptcy of the so-called African
elite. The elite, rather than the majority of the crude African
leadership, stand out as the single group which has damaged Africa most
because of their quest for an easy life of luxury. This is the group
that took over the baton from the former colonial rulers. They took over
the opulent life lived by the oppressors. Rather than eliminate the
excesses of the Caucasian masters, the elite saw their takeover as an
opportunity to double the pain of the masses of the people. Their claim
to the throne vacated by the Caucasians was that they had gone to
school, an education in which practical learning was not a requirement.

The elite inherited the European's position; he inherited his huge
offices; he inherited his more than 10 messengers; he inherited his sex
on demand from his numerous secretaries; he inherited his disrespect of
his subordinates; he inherited more than three cars; he inherited his
huge houses with several servants and drivers. He inherited his demand
for unquestioned authority and obedience. He was pampered beyond human
endurance by the masses who expected to see a difference from Caucasian
behavior. Instead they found that their behavior, in most cases, was
more tyrannical than their Caucasian predecessors. But the elite's
excesses would not be allowed to go on forever unchallenged;
unfortunately, the challenge came from the wrong quarters - the military.

One by one, African governments were taken over by military men of
questionable character - immoral and illiterates such as Idi Amin of
Uganda, Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic, Sergeant Doe of
Liberia, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Sani Abacha of Nigeria. Jammeh of
the Gambia is the latest in a line of idiots who seized power because
they possessed the gun, and then quickly seized the ballot box in a
corrupt election to declare themselves democractically elected.

The greatest sin of the African elite is not opening their mouths to
challenge these despots. They feared for their opulent lifestyles.
They feared losing their presents of money stolen from the masses for
their prostitutes; they feared being deprived of air conditioned homes
when the masses are out in the streets without electricity; they feared
their swimming pools not being filled with water when the average man
could not even get a clean drinking water and had to depend on polluted
and infected streams to get his water; they did not want to be deprived
of attending Clubs and drinking free drinks at the expense of the
masses; they did not want to be deprived of trotting around the globe.

The Europeans, on the other hand, decided to let these buffoons be
perceived as having taken over, and they exercised, and continue to
exercise, power over these puppets in any major decision making.

Unfortunately for the African elite, the buffoonery called the African
military had their own ideas of personal enrichment and aggrandizement.

The elite was the first to congratulate any military idiot who seized
power and protest how their predecessors had corrupted the country and
looted its treasury. They danced to the tune of the new dictator in the
hope that they would be spared their opulent lifestyle. But the
military being who they are, preferred to spend the country's largess
and money on their string of loose women rather than on the comfort of
the elite and the provision of essential services to the masses of the
people. They cut off their privileges and curtailed their attempts to
question why their lifestyles were being scrapped. Those who attempted
to question the military, were quickly jailed or executed to send a
message of intimidation to others never to attempt such a "disrespect of
constituted authority." At the first sign of a contraction of their
lifestyle, most of the elite packed up and fled Africa, to the United
States and Canada, and others to European nations.

Today, there are about 2.5 million Africans in the United States of
America. The majority are the elites who fled and the new elites who
are planning to return to an extravagant life of abundance. Hence, the
African immigrant group has been declared by the U.S. Census Bureau as
the most educated immigrant group in America. But beyond the fact that
he is highly educated, the African immigrant, unlike his Indian, Chinese
and other immigrant counterparts, has not had any visible impact on
America. Most are still caught up in their loss of opulent lifestyles
in Africa, and have not been able to assimilate into a society which
does not recognize whether you are a "prince," a "chief," a "commoner,"
son or daughter of wealthy parents, but only recognizes what you have
accomplished by yourself.

There is this nauseating nostalgia about "life back home, where I had
seven servants, who washed and ironed my clothes, where I did not know
where the kitchen was situated in my own house, where I had five drivers
for my five cars, where I could have as many women as I wanted, where I
rubbed shoulders with powers that be, where everybody called me
Sir/Madam, where people understood that I was a very important person
(v.i.p .), where I took 30% of all contracts I awarded. Now I am just a
number in America SS: 123456789. In America, nobody knows who I am and
hardly cares; they don't recognize that I am a prince or chief who is a
security guard, right? .... on and on, ad infinitum ad nauseam.

The so-called educated African in America is tragically damaged
psychologically between his concept of his own importance and the
reality of American life. Many have been living in a dream world of
returning home to grandeur, and avoid being assimilated in the American
society until their coffin has to be sent back to their homeland,
without accomplishing anything: avoidance of participation in the
American way of life, which is looked on as inferior, and the reality of
not having made any contributions to a continent which is beckoning for
people with ideas to return to contribute to the economic development of
the area.

Africans talk incessantly about their homelands - they know everything
that happens there. They criticize everything. They will sit and talk
a whole day about the leaders who are creating one problem or another,
without ever offering solutions. They have all kinds of organizations
- compounds, villages, towns, counties, provinces, states, countries
- the missions of which are the betterment of the area back in Africa,
but which in actual fact is used for displaying the same self-importance
which the American society had denied them.

Saturday after Saturday, Sunday after Sunday, there is this meeting or
that meeting. People come there, list all their degrees, the schools
they attended, the positions they occupied back home, their parents'
standings in society. By the time they finish reciting all their
accolades, the time for the meeting has more than elapsed and the same
happens the next meeting.

Le Mensonge peut courir un an, la vérité le rattrape en un jour, dit le sage Haoussa
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Intellectual Bankruptcy of the African Elite :: Commentaires

In Africa, we have a saying that "You don't chase after a mouse when
your house is on fire." But it seems that Africans in America have
perfected the science of chasing after a mouse when their house is on
fire. With the meetings, all the boastings, Africans in America cannot
claim to have made an impact in America in matters concerning Africa, or
in Africa with all the wars, diseases, famine and all kinds of problems
going on there.

More than 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus were killed in Rwanda; Africans in
America did not lift a finger of help even in just expressing their
sympathies, gathering blankets, foods, medical supplies and drugs or
even toys for the children. It is the same story all over the
continent. Even now when there is a pandemic of AIDS, Africans in
America seem unconcerned. There is the war in Sierra Leone, where
thousands of children and women have been raped, decapitated and
murdered. Africans in America have not lifted a finger of protest
against these genocides.

The African in America does not understand what it means to be committed
to a principle of alleviating the sufferings of their people. They are
much more concerned with their stupid importance, where everybody is a
"chief and," as they say in America, "no Indians." I have yet to find a
group of Africans in America who have decided to volunteer to go to
Africa for any relief work. Yet, they express all kinds of anger when
they see a Caucasian man or woman carrying an African child, or leading
a group of wounded children or women, in any war torn area in Africa.
They will spend an eternity discussing the pros and cons of that
Caucasian man or woman carrying that child, rather than do something
about it themselves.

I repeat that the African in America is intellectually bankrupt and
decrepit. Here is a group which is regarded as the most educated
immigrant group in America, they are yet to accomplish even one
twentieth what their Indian, Chinese, and Korean counterparts have been
able to accomplish in America. In America, Indians are one of the best
shining examples of success in so many categories of American business
that they can no longer be discounted politically, economically or
socially. In New York City, the Indians control all the newsstands,
they control all the taxis, and over 90% of the limousine car services;
they control all the motels and all the gas stations including all the
convenience stores attached to the stations. In fact, the Indian Yellow
cab driver is the one most likely to refuse picking up a Black passenger
in New York City than any other cab driver. The Indians have built major
companies, especially in the computer and internet fields. Some of
their companies are major players in these fields and have taken their
companies public. Even with our preponderance of the "educateds." no
African in America has started a computer or internet company from
scratch and taken that company public. Africans cannot boast of
controlling this or that area of business in America.

The Chinese on the other hand, control how America eats. Even in the
movies, you always see the actors or actresses, ordering one form of
Chinese food or another. Africans spend a lot of money eating or
ordering Chinese foods, Our African missions to the United Nations,
Embassies in Washington and all the African Consulates-General spend
millions of dollars eating Chinese food a year. I have never seen an
Chinese going to an African restaurant to reciprocate our patronage.
The Chinese also control how America keeps its wardrobe clean.

Keeping in mind that we are the most educated immigrant group in
America, Africans can be found in thousands in Universities and Colleges
throughout the United States as administrators, professors, senior
lecturers, adjunct lecturers. There are thousands of African medical
practitioners throughout the medical learning establishments and
practice in America. But, the most puzzling issue is the nonexistence
of any research on the part of our so-called intellectual establishments
in matters affecting the continent.

Recently, I read two articles which I thought would ignite the anger of
the African elite in the universities - one was an article which a
Caucasian woman of Jewish descent had written arguing that civilization
did not emanate from Africa, but rather from Greece; and the other
article was about the new attempt to foist the origin of AIDS on
Africa. Well, I said to myself, these two articles would certainly
excite the response of our intellectual effete-snobs. I even challenged
the so-called African Studies Association, the African university
teachers group, and told one of their leaders that I was appalled at the
lack of meaningful research undertaken by our so-called "learneds" to
respond to critical and detrimental assertions affecting Africa. And
that these two articles presented a challenge to them to refute these
patently meritless articles, produced by Caucasians to continue to
demean the supremacy of the Black man. I was assured that they would
respond, but true to their nature, it is one thing to get a degree and
quite another to exercise the use of that degree.

African scholars are the same the world over. They get their degrees to
the highest level; they get a teaching position or job at a company.
That is the end of it. You cannot point to any research that they have
come up with which has elicited comment which could be regarded as
controversial. No African scholar in America is called upon as an
expert on matters affecting Africa in all the major television networks.
(That was true when I wrote this book, but not now when I see people
like George Ayittey on CNN; I have been on ABC-TV, NBC-TV, UPN-TV,
CBS-TV). With the exception of the literary icon, Chinua Achebe, whose
book "Things Fall Apart," is a staple for teaching in almost all
universities throughout America, no other African can boast of a book
they have written being utilized (in such a wide manner) as a teaching
mateial in the universities.

The problem of African scholars is the same problem I had talked about
at the beginning of this part of the book: a lack of aggressiveness, a
lack of commitment to the goal of later rather than immediate
gratification; and of course, being easily influenced by the pursuit for
money. The African scholar is intellectually dishonest. At a time when
thousands of Chinese scholars and researchers are swarming American
research laboratories, African scholars are nowhere to be found in those
intellectually challenging positions.

In fact, one Chinese research, in responding to America's accusation
that a Chinese had sold secrets to mainland China, intoned that he
couldn't understand what the fuss was all about: "after-all," he said,
"Mandarin (Chinese language) had become the lingua franca in most
research establishments throughout the United States."

Today, China can boast of possessing and being able to build nuclear
weapons through the efforts of Chinese citizens in America. India and
Pakistan have been able to detonate atomic bombs through the disciplined
research of Indians and Pakistanis in America in helping their
counterparts in their respective homelands to acquire the technology.

The question really is how could Africa have millions of educated men
and women, yet have to import experts in all fields to manage areas of
economic development, engineering and others for which Africans had gone
to the same school. All this is due to the shallowness of our
"education," a non-commitment to the study of knowledge for the benefits
of the people, rather than a study on how we can make money the fastest
way without putting out much effort. In the early days when Africans
came to the United States for studies, there used to be quite a few of
them enrolled in engineering and science-related studies. Now, that is
passe. Now, go to any university; Africans are enrolled in business
administration, sociology, accounting, finance, pre-law, pre-medicine:
you hardly get people in engineering and physics. It is no wonder that
when we come out with some of these worthless degrees, we are herded
into jobs with the Human Resources Administration - people with masters
degrees, who after the last day of getting their degrees is the day they
stop reading anything on paper.

The African elite, as a mirror image of the larger Black society, is a
consumer group rather than a productive group. A people which regards
itself as independent should be able to produce independent thought.
Yet, Africans still depend on Europeans, 40 years after "gaining" their
independence from their former colonial masters and at a new millennium,
to furnish us with books on any subject. Our so-called elites cannot
devote enough time to research to duplicate the same research already
conducted and articulate it in a language Africans can understand.

It is any wonder then that we go to school and still come out
illiterates. It is no wonder that despite our years of schooling, if we
need our roads built, we have to contract them out to European
engineering firms to build for us; if we need electricity, we get
Caucasians or the Japanese to build them for us; if we need drinking
water, we have to import European or American experts to do them for us.

We are "highly educated," yet we cannot even assemble a bicycle - we
have to import it; we cannot assemble a radio - we have to import it; we
cannot assemble a fan - we have to import it; we cannot assemble a
television - we have to import it. According to the United Nations,
Africa constitutes the world's poorest land mass. There is poverty
everywhere and the pay of the average man is the lowest in the world.
Yet you could hardly see the industrial powers rushing to Africa to open
factories, which would produce goods which would then be resold in their markets.

Africans go to school so that they can acquire half-educated knowledge
to terrorize the masses in the same way that the colonial masters had
done; other immigrant groups like the Indians and Chinese have been able
to use their education to acquire knowledge beneficial to their people
all over the world. It is quite amazing that even in the field of
history, our African elite has failed us in not producing
well-researched publications on the history of the African continent.
The saddest part is that we have to be taught African history through
the eyes of the Caucasian.

But thanks to Africa's children who were sold into slavery, the history
of Africa has started to be known through our own eyes. The tenets of a
Capitalist Nigger is a love of money and what money can do to uplift the
masses and not terrorize them or steal them blind.

The African elite has been a total failure; they cannot raise their
heads in the community of scholars or the intelligentsia. They want to
continue to sit at the head of the totem pole, being spoon-fed, rather
than at the head of the battle line leading the masses of Black people
throughout the world. That they have not been able to understand that
the total Black race is under economic slavery is a testament to their
half-education and illiteracy.

A community cannot survive when its so-called educated citizens are
morally and intellectually bankrupt and decrepit. You cannot have a
community whose intelligentsia are mere parasites of other cultures.

/*Chika Onyeani is the author of the No.1 bestselling book, "Capitalist
Nigger: The Road to Success - A Spider Web Doctrine," as well as
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning African Sun Times.
Onyeani is a Fellow of the New York Times Institute for Journalists.
His blockbuster novel, "The Broederbond Conspiracy," has been published
to great acclaim and now on all stores where books are sold.*/

Intellectual Bankruptcy of the African Elite

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