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 A young world

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Tite Prout
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Tite Prout

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MessageA young world

The number of young people in the world has never been higher. In all, there are about one billion 12 to 18-year-olds. Almost nine out of 10 live in the developing world.

The proportion of young people per country is highest in Africa and lowest in Europe. In Uganda 57% of people are under 18. In Italy, Greece and Spain the figure is 17%.

Developing countries which invest in their young could see economic growth surge, says the World Bank. Those which fail could see tensions.

A quarter of young people live on less than US$1 a day.

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Although adolescents are the largest section of society in many countries, the influence they have is often limited.

In some countries, parents govern their children's lives well into adulthood. Only one in 25 Bangladeshis decides who they will marry, while almost half of Tajiks do not choose their own job.

In many wealthy nations young people are living at home for longer because of financial pressures.

In most countries young people have to wait until 18 to vote. Iran's voting age is lowest, at 15.

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Tite Prout
Re: A young world
Message Mar 5 Déc - 23:16 par Tite Prout
The majority of young people are better educated than their parents. Literacy rates across the developing world are highest among the young.

Nevertheless, 57 million young men and 96 million young women aged 15-24 in developing countries cannot read or write.

It is also thought that 115 million children are not in primary school and could struggle in future as a result.

About 352 million children aged 5-17 have some kind of work, but millions of extra jobs are needed worldwide. Unemployment is highest among the young - over 40% in countries such as Bosnia, South Africa and Haiti.

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Almost everywhere in the world, most people first have sex between the ages of 15 and 19. Young men tend to start a little earlier than young women.

There is no trend towards sex at an earlier age, a study in the Lancet said. But with the average marriage age rising, more people have pre-marital sex, particularly in the West.

People in developed countries also have more sexual partners, although monogamy is dominant worldwide.

The age at which women first have sex is lowest in nations such as Nigeria and Nepal, where they are more likely to marry at a young age.

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A young world

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