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 PEERS and the Team 06/09/2007

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MessagePEERS and the Team 06/09/2007

is available online at

Dear friends,

are one-paragraph excerpts of important news articles you may have
These news articles include revealing information on a new possible
cure, increasing use of the "state secrets" privilege by the U.S.
government, skyrocketing C.E.O. compensation, and more. Each excerpt is
taken verbatim from the major media website listed at the link provided.
If any link fails to function, click
here. Key sentences are highlighted for those with
By choosing to educate ourselves and to spread
the word, we can and will build a brighter

best wishes,

Tod Fletcher and Fred
Burks for PEERS and the Team

"Fascinating" Possible Cancer

September 2, 2007, CBS

a cancer diagnosis can be devastating. But for John Kanzius it was a call
to action. Kanzius isn't a doctor. He doesn't even have a college degree.
Yet ... the device he invented has impressed a notable researcher and
inspired his hometown, Erie, Pa., to the point where it gave him a key to
the city in April. Asked by [a reporter] what made him think he could
cancer, Kanzius replied with a laugh, "Nobody else was doing it! I
this treatment taking no more than a couple of minutes or so." Kanzius
hopes cancer treatments could work something like this: A patient would
injected with tiny metal nano-particles, which would be carried through
bloodstream by a targeting molecule and attach only to cancerous cells.
patient would then be exposed to an energy field created by radio waves,
and feel nothing, while the nano-particles would generate enough heat to
destroy their cancerous host cell. Kanzius demonstrated just how easily
the nano-particles could be used as receivers. A lab worker injected
carbon nano-particles into a specific spot in a piece of liver, which was
then placed into an energy field of low frequency radio waves. Within
seconds, the areas injected the with nano-particles were heated to the
point of actually cooking the liver, while leaving the surrounding meat
unscathed. Kanzius' invention has caught the attention of Dr.
Steven Curley, a surgical oncologist and cancer researcher at MD Anderson
Cancer Center in Houston.
"This has the most fascinating potential I've seen in anything in my
twenty years of cancer research," Curley [said].
Curley has
developed current methods of using radio frequencies to attack cancer,
says he looks forward to one day using a non-invasive approach like the
Kanzius is working on.

For a treasure trove of reliable information about exciting possible
cures, click

U.S. Cites ‘Secrets’ Privilege to Stop Suit on
Banking Records

August 31, 2007, New York

The Bush
administration ... plans to turn again to a legal tool, the “state
secrets” privilege, to try to stop a suit against a Belgian banking
cooperative [known as Swift] that secretly supplied millions of private
financial records to the United States government. The “state secrets”
privilege, allowing the government to shut down litigation on national
security grounds, was once rarely used. The Bush administration has
to it more than 30 times, seeking to end public discussion of cases like
the claims of an F.B.I. whistle-blower and the abduction of a German
terrorism suspect. Most notably, the administration has sought to use the
privilege to kill numerous suits against telecommunications carriers over
the National Security Agency’s eavesdropping program. Swift is
considered the nerve center of the global banking industry, routing
trillions of dollars each day among banks, brokerage houses and other
financial institutions. Its partnership with Washington ... gave Central
Intelligence Agency and Treasury Department officials access to millions
of records on international banking transactions
. Months after
the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Swift began turning over large chunks of its
database in response to a series of unusually broad subpoenas from the
Treasury Department. Two American banking customers ... sued Swift on
invasion-of-privacy grounds. [Steven E. Schwarz, the lawyer for the
plaintiffs, said the Swift program] “is an Orwellian example of
overreaching and unfettered access to private financial information that
not consistent with the values upon which our country was founded. We’ve
seen a real erosion of the ‘state secrets’ privilege in the last year. I
think it is from overuse. We’ve seen it used in record numbers, in
situations where it was inappropriate, and the courts are starting to
recognize that.”

Government secrecy up despite exposure of

August 31, 2007, Seattle
/Cox News Service

secrecy is expanding at an unprecedented clip, despite growing public
concern about barriers to information.
that stamping government documents "secret" cost American
$8.2 billion last year -- a 7.5 percent increase over the year before.
coalition found that for every dollar spent declassifying documents, the
federal government spends $185 to conceal government documents.

Open-government advocates blame the policies of the Bush administration.
"The current administration has increasingly refused to be held
accountable to the public," said Patrice McDermott, executive director of
the coalition of conservative and liberal groups concerned about
government secrecy. "These practices lead to the circumscription of
democracy." Among the findings from the report: Businesses enjoyed a
no-bid process for 26 percent, or $107.5 billion, of the federal
government's business last year. President Bush has issued at least 151
signing statements challenging 1,149 provisions of laws passed by
Congress. The Defense Department has more than doubled in real terms the
amount it spends on classified weapons acquisitions since 1995. The
of documents [classified in 2006] ballooned to 20.3 million, up by 43
percent. And those figures do not include the untold number of documents
that are locked away by federal agencies in categories known as
"pseudo-classification." These are unclassified documents that government
bureaucrats deem too sensitive for public consumption. The report also
found that the Bush administration has invoked a legal tool known as the
"state secrets" privilege more than any other previous administration to
get cases thrown out of civil court.

CEO pay: 364 times more than

August 29, 2007, Money

comparisons almost always leave someone feeling dwarfed, and none more so
than the CEO-to-worker pay gap. But even CEOs have reason to feel
seriously dwarfed these days, thanks to the outsized paychecks of private
equity and hedge fund managers. The average CEO of a large U.S. company
made roughly $10.8 million last year, or 364 times that of U.S. full-time
and part-time workers, who made an average of $29,544, according to a
joint analysis released Wednesday by the liberal Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy. The IPS
and UFE pay-gap numbers are also wider than some other measures of
CEO-to-worker pay because they count both full-time and part-time workers
in their calculations, which effectively lowers workers' average pay due
to fewer hours worked. If you just consider the average compensation
(wages plus benefits) of full-time year-round workers in non-managerial
jobs - roughly $40,000 - CEO pay is more like 270 times bigger than the
average Joe's. That's still a far cry from days gone by. In 1989, for
instance, U.S. CEOs of large companies earned 71 times more than the
average worker, according to the Economic
Policy Institute. The top 20 CEOs of U.S. companies made an average
$36.4 million in 2006. The pay gap numbers don't include the value of the
many perks CEOs receive, which averaged $438,342, according to the
Nor do they include the pension benefits CEOs receive. But even including
all that, CEO pay can look like chump change next to private
equity and hedge fund managers' pay. Those managers made an average of
$657.5 million in 2006 - more than 16,000 times what the average
worker makes, and roughly 61 times that of the average CEO.

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PEERS and the Team 06/09/2007 :: Commentaires

Robert Fisk: Even I question the 'truth' about

August 25, 2007, Independent (One
of the U.K.'s leading newspapers)

I am
increasingly troubled at the inconsistencies in the official narrative of
9/11. I am talking about scientific issues. If it is true, for example,
that kerosene burns at 820C under optimum conditions, how come the steel
beams of the
twin towers – whose melting point is supposed to be about 1,480C –
would snap through at the same time? (They collapsed in 8.1 and 10
seconds.) What about the third tower – the so-called World Trade Centre
Building 7 – which collapsed
in 6.6 seconds in its own footprint at 5.20pm on 11 September? Why
it so neatly fall to the ground when no aircraft had hit it? The American
National Institute of Standards and Technology was instructed to analyse
the cause of the destruction of all three buildings. They have not yet
reported on WTC 7. Journalistically, there were many odd things about
9/11. Initial reports of reporters that they heard "explosions"
in the towers ... the [FBI's] list of Arab suicide-hijackers, which
included three men who were – and still are – very much
alive and living in the Middle East. What about the weird letter
allegedly written by Mohamed Atta, whose "Islamic" advice to his gruesome
comrades – released by the CIA – mystified every Muslim friend I know in
the Middle East? Like everyone else, I would like to know the
story of 9/11, not least because it was the trigger for the whole
meretricious "war on terror" which has led us to disaster in Iraq and
Afghanistan and in much of the Middle East.
Bush's happily
departed adviser Karl Rove once said that "we're an empire now – we
our own reality". True? At least tell us.

For a concise summary of reliable news reports that raise serious
about what really happened on 9/11, click here

Army gets new 'enhanced blast' weapon to fight

August 23, 2007, Guardian (One of
the U.K.'s leading newspapers),,2154380,00.html

soldiers in Afghanistan are being supplied with a new "super weapon" to
attack Taliban fighters more effectively, defence officials said
yesterday. The "enhanced blast" weapon is based on thermobaric
technology used in the powerful bombs dropped by the Russians to
obliterate Grozny, the Chechen capital, and in US "bunker
Defence officials insisted yesterday that the British
bombs were different. "They are optimised to create blast [rather than
heat]", one said, adding that it would be misleading to call them
"thermobaric". So-called thermobaric weapons have been used by the US
against suspected al-Qaida and Taliban underground bases.
heat and pressure kill people over a wide area by sucking the air out of
lungs and destroying internal organs.
Defence officials
the new weapon as a shoulder-launched "light anti-structure munition".
The new weapons would be more effective against buildings and structures
used by the Taliban, they said. Sir Menzies Campbell, the Liberal
leader, described the weapons as a "serious step change" for the British
army. He added: "The continuing issue of civilian casualties in
Afghanistan has enormous importance in the battle for hearts and minds.
these weapons contribute to the deaths of civilians then a primary
of the British deployment is going to be made yet more difficult." The
deployment of the weapons should have been announced to MPs, Sir Menzies
said. "We need much more transparency."

Tenn. Nuclear Fuel Problems Kept

August 20, 2007, Washington
/Associated Press

three-year veil of secrecy in the name of national security was used to
keep the public in the dark about the handling of highly enriched uranium
at a nuclear fuel processing plant -- including a leak that could have
caused a deadly, uncontrolled nuclear reaction.
The leak turned
out to be one of nine violations or test failures since 2005 at privately
owned Nuclear Fuel Services Inc., a longtime supplier of fuel to the U.S.
Navy's nuclear fleet. The public was never told about the problems when
they happened. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission revealed them for the
first time last month when it released an order demanding improvements at
the company, but no fine. In 2004, the government became so concerned
about releasing nuclear secrets that the commission removed more than
1,740 documents from its public archive -- even some that apparently
involved basic safety violations at the company. Environmental activists
are still suspicious of the belated revelations and may challenge the
commission's decision not to fine Nuclear Fuel Services for the safety
violations. "That party is not over -- the full story of what is going on
up there," said Ann Harris, a member of the Sierra Club's national
task force. While reviewing the commission's public Web page in 2004, the
Department of Energy's Office of Naval Reactors found what it considered
protected information about Nuclear Fuel Service's work for the Navy. The
commission responded by sealing every document related to Nuclear Fuel
Services. Under the policy, all the documents were stamped "Official Use
Only," including papers about the policy itself and more than 1,740
documents from the commission's public archive.

CDC Requests Bay Area Morgellons

August 2, 2007, KTVU (San Francisco FOX

federal Centers for Disease Control has asked Kaiser Permanente to begin
the nation’s first epidemiologic study of "Morgellons Disease," a
mysterious ailment that the government terms an "unexplained and
debilitating condition that has emerged as a public health
KTVU Health and Science Editor John Fowler was the
first in the nation to report on this “mystery disease” as it was called
in 2004. He reported the skin disorder seemed to cause fibers and
filaments to emerge from the skin of sufferers, and also seemed to cause
neurological problems patients described as "brain fog." John followed up
with other reports, and founders of a non-profit group hoping to help
sufferers understand the disease named it Morgellons. As of February this
year, the Morgellons Research
Foundation has identified more than ten thousand families nationwide.
John profiled former A’s pitcher Billy Koch who says both he and his wife
have symptoms. KTVU has obtained a federal Request for Quotation,
delivered to Kaiser Permanente, that says the CDC now wants its
study to be focused in the Bay Area because 24% of Morgellons patients
"reside in California with geographic clustering in the San Francisco
metropolitan area." Federal doctors now want Kaiser Permanente to conduct
an urgent epidemiologic investigation with results due by next May "
better characterize the clinical and epidemiologic features of this
condition; to generate hypotheses about factors that may cause or
contribute to sufferers' symptoms; and to estimate the prevalence of the
condition in the population; and to provide information to guide public
health recommendations." The CDC for the first time publicly says
Morgellons is "an emerging public health problem."

FBI Proposes Building Network of U.S.

July 25, 2007,

FBI is taking cues from the CIA to recruit thousands of covert informants
in the United States as part of a sprawling effort to boost its
intelligence capabilities.
According to a recent unclassified
report to Congress, the FBI expects its informants to provide secrets
about possible terrorists and foreign spies, although some may also be
expected to aid with criminal investigations, in the tradition of law
enforcement confidential informants. The FBI said the push was driven by
2004 directive from President Bush ordering the bureau to improve its
counterterrorism efforts by boosting its human intelligence capabilities.
The aggressive push for more secret informants appears to be part of a
effort to grow its intelligence and counterterrorism efforts.
recent proposals include expanding its collection and analysis of data on
U.S. persons, retaining years' worth of Americans' phone records and even
increasing so-called "black bag" secret entry operations
To handle the increase in so-called human sources, the FBI also plans to
overhaul its database system, so it can manage records and verify the
accuracy of information from "more than 15,000" informants, according to
the document. The bureau has arranged to use elements of CIA training to
teach FBI agents about "Source Targeting and Development," the report
states. The courses will train FBI special agents on the "comprehensive
tradecraft" needed to identify, recruit and manage these "confidential
human sources."

Nuremberg Actions' Brian Willson celebrates 20
years of resistance

September 1, 2007, San Francisco
(San Francisco's leading newspaper)


years ago today, a 46-year-old former Air Force captain sat down on the

tracks in front of a train loaded with bombs at the Concord Naval Weapons

Station. The ex-captain's name was S. Brian Willson. He was there to


the train ... to protest U.S. arms shipments to Central America. But

nothing was blocked that day. Instead, the train barreled into him at 16

miles an hour, slicing off his legs and one ear and laying open his skull

- and igniting what quickly became the nation's biggest anti-war movement

in the decades between the Vietnam and Iraq eras. Today, however, there

will be more than a memory on those dusty tracks. Willson plans to come

back to the spot where he lost his legs to remember and pray for global

harmony. It's a different time, with different wars, but he says he feels

just as passionate as he did back then. "Maybe we'll have 10 people


maybe 30, who knows?" Willson said by phone from his home in Arcata

(Humboldt County). "I guess it'll be whatever it is. I do know this,

though: We have to preserve our history. That's one good reason to be

there, as painful as the memories will be for me. I have to look
on life as a journey, and all I can say is I'm still on track," said
Willson. "Running me over with a train wasn't just criminal, it was
stupid. But it has not in any way stopped me. My life is good," he said.
"I like the whole idea of pursuing what I call right livelihood, reducing
my footprint on Earth. I enjoy it."
The protest never truly

ended. A couple of times a year, peace groups use the tracks as a setting

for small anti-war gatherings - and every Monday, just as he has for the

past 20 years, 53-year-old Concord resident Greg Getty, sits at the


at 9 a.m. and says a prayer in Willson's name.

Key Articles From Years Past
Doctors Make Progress With Mysterious

May 23, 2006, KTVU (San Francisco FOX


horrifying ... disease is affecting thousands of people in the Bay Area,

along the Gulf Coast and in Florida. Though some doctors have claimed the

malady is psychosomatic, other scientists are making headway unraveling

the mystery of Morgellons Disease. Former Oakland A's pitcher Billy Koch

has it. And so do his wife and their three children. It started in


four years ago. Koch saved 44 games and was the top reliever in the major

leagues. Within two years -- at age 29 -- Billy Koch was out of
baseball, partly because of the uncontrollable muscle twitching that went
on for months at a time and often kept up him up all night. The disease
characterized by slow-healing skin lesions that often extrude small, dark
filaments, especially after bathing.
More than 3,000 families

nationwide [report] these same unexplained symptoms. Oklahoma State

University Professor Randy Wymore was the first scientist to conduct

research on this disconcerting disease. He says it's the biggest mystery

he's ever been involved in. The UC Davis-trained physiologist is leading


medical team at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa. With cooperation from

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wymore's team is studying

Bay Area patients and others from around the country. His first finding

disputes the frequent diagnosis of delusions. He says the filaments are

not an external contamination. Instead, they are a substance that

materializes somehow inside the body, apparent artifacts of something

infectious. More results are expected soon. And Wymore says skin problems

are not the worst symptoms. He says a neurotoxin or microorganism may

disturb muscle control and memory. "The neurological effects are the much

more severe, life altering and much more dangerous of the



To watch an intriguing five-minute video of the above story on KTVU, click here.

Losing bin Laden

February 12, 2006, Washington



huge and costly effort by the media, the public still has an incomplete

picture of what really happened during the [war in Afghanistan] and of


Osama bin Laden survived it. Gary Berntsen's Jawbreaker

provides a valuable new account by a major participant that fills in many

blanks. Berntsen was a top CIA field commander in the most critical


of a new kind of war; at various times, the CIA veteran had elements of


Delta Force, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and tactical air units reporting to

him. Crown Publishers has chosen unnecessarily to position it as a

diatribe that the CIA tried to suppress. In fact, while the CIA dragged

its feet in reviewing the manuscript for classified material and redacted

plenty of specifics, the book is hardly an attack on the CIA. In fact,


overall picture of the CIA here is far more flattering than that in

9/11 Commission Report
. Still, to portray Jawbreaker as


book the CIA doesn't want you to read" (as the cover puts it), the

publisher has displayed the redactions throughout the book as large black

lines. Contradicting Bush administration denials, Berntsen writes that


teams discovered bin Laden and the remnants of his entourage in the now

famous Tora Bora Mountains along the lawless, rugged Afghan-Pakistani

border. Berntsen recounts very credibly how he and others pleaded
with Gen. Tommy Franks and the Pentagon brass to put in blocking forces
that bin Laden and the remnants of al Qaeda's leadership could not flee
into Pakistan.
But for reasons that remain unclear to Berntsen

... the Bush administration or Franks decided to depend instead
local Afghan warlords rather than put U.S. forces on the ground to block
bin Laden's escape.


To read a concise summary of reliable news reports that raise serious

questions about what really happened on 9/11, click here.

Canada Will Pay '50s Test

November 19, 1992, New York


has agreed to compensate victims of psychiatric experiments carried out

mainly in the 1950s and financed in part by the Central Intelligence

Agency. An institute at McGill University in Montreal, headed by Dr. D.

Ewen Cameron, a psychiatrist, ... was one of the centers where such

experiments were carried out. Now, the Canadian Government says the 80 or

so patients who underwent the so-called "psychic driving" treatment in

Montreal ... can receive almost $80,000 each. The patients at the Allan

Memorial Institute at McGill were put into a drugged sleep for weeks or

months, subjected to electroshock therapy until they were "de-patterned,"

knowing neither who or where they were, and forced to listen repeatedly


recorded messages broadcast from speakers on the wall or under their

pillows. Linda Macdonald, 55 years old, an employment counselor now in

Vancouver, is one of those who sued for compensation. "I walked through

those doors with a husband on one arm and a guitar on the other and was a

healthy person and coherent," she said. She spent 86 days in the
"sleep room" and was subjected to 109 shock treatments and megadoses of
barbiturates and other drugs. When she got out of the experiment, she
could not read or write, had to be toilet-trained and could not remember
her husband, her five children or any part of the first 26 years of her
John Marks, a former State Department official whose 1979

book, The
Search For the Manchurian Candidate
, called attention to the

experiments, said that a C.I.A. front called the Society for the

Investigation of Human Ecology funneled more than $60,000 to Dr. Cameron

for the studies. Ottawa gave him more than $200,000.


For a concise summary of the CIA's mind control experiments, click here.

Special Note: A national General Strike has been


for September 11, 2007, to protest the lack of genuine investigation into

the events of 9/11, the endless war launched as a "response" to these

events, and the massive stripping of civil liberties since that day. For

more information about the 9/11 General Strike, click
here. To learn the unsettling reasons why Europeans have stopped

eating GMO foods while Americans continue to consume large quantities, click

Final Note: believes it is

important to balance disturbing cover-up information with inspirational

writings which call us to be all that we can be and to work together


positive change. Please visit our Inspiration Center at

for an abundance of uplifting material.

See our archive of
revealing news articles at

Your tax-deductible donations, however large or small, help greatly to

support this important work.

To make a donation by credit card,

check, or money order:


these empowering websites coordinated by the nonprofit PEERS network:

- Every person in the world has a heart

- Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups

- Building a Global Community for All

- Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all

Educational websites promoting transformation through information and


PEERS and the Team 06/09/2007

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