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 PEERS: List 04/06/2007

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MessagePEERS: List 04/06/2007

is available online at

Quality of Life

Inspiring Ideas to
Improve the Quality of Your Life

It's What You Do With It

It is
not so much what happens to each of us that determines our quality of
life, but rather our reaction to what happens. Though we may have no
choice in unexpected events that happen to us, we most certainly have
choice in how we interpret what happens, and in what we choose to do
about it. These choices make all the difference in how we experience our
world and very much determine our quality of life.

Neither does what we own play a major role in quality of life. One person
with all the money and possessions in the world may have a miserable life,
while another in the lowest income bracket may absolutely love their life.
It is what we do with what we own that affects our level of satisfaction
and joy in life. It's not what you possess or what happens to you
in life that matters, but rather what you do with it.

moment something is happening in our lives. And every moment we make
interpretations or judgments about what happens. By choosing to become
more conscious of how we react to what happens, we can shift towards
what we really want in our lives. Rather than following habitual,
reactive patterns which lead to more of the same, we can recognize and
transform our old habits to move powerfully in the direction of creating
the life we really want. Yet to do this, we must first find the courage
to look at some of the disempowering, often unconscious patterns
which get in the way and don't serve to increase our quality of life.

Yourself From Victim to Creator

Like it
or not, you are given many opportunities in life to choose to be a victim
or to be a creator. When you choose to be a victim, the world is a
cold and harsh place.
"They" did things to you which
caused all of your pain and suffering. "They" are wrong and bad,
and life is rotten as long as "they" are around.
"They" might be one or more individuals in your family or
community. It might be the terrible politicians or your boss or the evil
cabal of the power elite that rules the world. The essence is that
"they" are to blame for all your problems, because
"they" are ruining your life and world. And the truth is, your
life is likely to stay that way as long as you see "them" as
having control and yourself as the powerless victim.

who choose to be creators look at life quite differently. They know that
there are powerful individuals and groups who might like to control their
lives, but they don't let this get in the way. Creators feel no
need to blame anyone as they know that whatever happens, they have choice
in the matter.
When Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson
Mandela were put behind bars by those who wanted to control them, they
used that opportunity to meditate and pray, to write letters and books,
and to inspire their communities to stand up and make a difference in the
world. They were unstoppable, powerful creators who continued to have a
very high quality of life until the day they died.

relish in anger, resentment, revenge, and all sorts of emotions and
behaviors that cause others to feel like victims, too. Creators
consciously choose love, inspiration,
empowerment, and other emotions and behaviors which inspire not only
themselves, but all around them to continually create the lives and world
they want to live in. Victims and creators live in the same physical world
and deal with many of the same physical realities, yet their experience of
this reality is worlds apart. From the perspective of quality of life,
they hardly live in the same world. Yet whether they know it or not,
both victim and creator always have choice in each moment to determine the
direction of their lives through what they choose to do with what they are

reality, all of us play the victim and all of us play the creator at
various points in our lives.
Yet few people realize just how much
choice we have in which role we play at any given time. One person, on
losing a job or a special relationship, may feel as if it is the end of
the world and sink into terrible suffering for months, years, or even a
lifetime. Another with the same experience may choose to experience the
grief of loss fully, yet in a relatively short amount of time move on to
be a powerful creative force in their life. In every moment and every
circumstance we can choose to be that creative force in our life.

a Quality Life

choosing to see and
inspire the creator not only in yourself, but in everyone around you,
you can create powerful transformation in your life and world. If you have
spent a lot of time in victim mode, it may not be easy to make the shift,
but it is entirely possible.
By exploring your core issues and habits and
working to transform them, and by choosing to stop blaming others and take
responsibility for your life, you can gradually make the shift. There will
most certainly be times where you slip back into old patterns. But by
continually reminding yourself of your intention to be a creator, you can
transform your life.

None of
us is perfect. We all have made and will continue to make mistakes and bad
choices in our lives. When we fail, there is no need to blame ourselves or
anyone else. We can choose to simply accept that we didn't do what we had
intended and then work to understand
why, so that we might do better the next time. Notice when you find
yourself blaming others and stop for a moment. Take a look inside and ask,
is it really empowering you to be blaming someone else, even though you may
be sure you are right and they are wrong. Is this the quality of life you
want, or is there something better and more fulfilling?

times you will look back and realize that you let yourself be the victim
again. Even when you fail at making the shift from victim to
creator, you can be gentle with yourself.
You can accept and
forgive yourself for not following your intention, and then do your best
to learn from what happened. And there may even be times when, for
whatever reason, you feel a need to play the role of victim for a while.
If so, get into it and play the role fully. But remember while doing so
that you are choosing this, and that you can just as easily choose to be a
creator again as soon as you are ready. There's a time and place for

common trap which easily pulls people into victim mode is attachment.
When we are strongly attached to anything, the possibility of suffering
and loss is magnified. When the victim loses something to which they are
attached, they easily become depressed or angry and blame others or even
themselves for what happened. When creators realize they had attachment to
something lost, they welcome the transformative power of letting go and
work to understand and then release attachment. Their deep life
intention is to experience each sacred moment of life to its fullest,
without the need for the security provided by attachment. They know that
even the most difficult experiences can be powerful teachers for us if we
allow them to.

fully accepting the past and allowing the future to be a great, unknown,
infinite potential, creators fully trust that their dance with each sacred
moment is a gift. They know that in the long run every experience can bring
more meaning and a higher quality of life. They understand that storms are
a natural part of life which can bring the rain needed for emotional and
spiritual growth. Creators also know that by choosing to nurture and
inspire all around them to shift from victim to creator, life becomes
better not only for themselves, but for all whose lives they touch.
You can have a higher quality of life right now by choosing to
transform the victim within and by inviting and welcoming into your life
the powerful creator that you are.

an excellent, inspiring 12-minute video with a similar message, click

For an empowering article on dealing with your core life challenges,

also our collection of highly inspiring resources at

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important work.
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person in the world has a heart -
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Web of Love that interconnects us all
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transformation through information and inspiration

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PEERS: List 04/06/2007

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