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Rang: Administrateur

Nombre de messages : 8069
Localisation : Washington D.C.
Date d'inscription : 28/05/2005

MessagePEERS: List

This message is available online at

Dear friends,

AOL is now engaging in blatant censorship by blocking all emails which include the term "want to know (dot) info" (without the spaces). If you add a www. in front of the above term and don't use spaces, it is the Internet address of a popular website which exposes major corruption and calls us to work together to strengthen democracy. As the manager of this website, I am avoiding using the website address directly here so that this message can get through to those who use AOL as their email service provider.

To verify that this email blocking is indeed happening, simply send an email to any friend who uses AOL for their email service and type the above term anywhere in the message without the spaces. Don't forget to include the ".info" immediately after the term. You will find that the email bounces back to you.

As a result this, all of the almost 300 subscribers to our email list who use can no longer receive our information-packed newsletters. After checking with a number of our AOL subscribers, we have determined that the ban went into effect shortly after we sent an email to our over 3,000 subscribers on March 24th revealing a major banking cover-up.

As you know, our website (which I can't mention throughout this email) specializes in providing reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups of which few are aware. Apparently, someone at AOL does not like this. What gives any company the right to censor emails based on legitimate content, especially when the intention of that content is to strengthen democracy by revealing major corruption and encouraging us all to join in building a brighter future?

For those who have not received our recent emails, you can go to the home page of our website and look in the blue column on the left. Scroll down to the section titled "Information Centers." The first link there titled "Email List Messages" provides links to all of our previous emails with the most recent ones listed first.

I invite you to join in a mass email campaign informing people of this infringement on our rights. Encourage all AOL users to switch to other email and Internet service providers. Please forward this message widely, especially to AOL subscribers. Encourage you friends who use AOL to switch to a free Internet email service like,,, or Together, we can put a stop to this censorship of vital information.

Thanks for caring and for making a difference in our world. I have no doubt that by working together, we can and will build a brighter future for all of us.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the website which can't be mentioned.
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

P.S. If you are an AOL user who subscribes to our list, you must go to the subscribe page on our website, type in your AOL email address and select the unsubscribe button. Then type in a non-AOL email address and select the subscribe button. If you do not do this, you will not likely be able to receive any further emails from us.

Final Note: Please take some time to explore the website which can't be named to see the abundance of highly empowering information presented which calls us all to work together for a better world.

Explore these empowering websites coordinated by the nonprofit PEERS network: - Every person in the world has a heart
Want to know (dot) info - Reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups - Building a Global Community for All - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all
Educational websites promoting transformation through information and inspiration

Le Mensonge peut courir un an, la vérité le rattrape en un jour, dit le sage Haoussa
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