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* Traitements possibles
* Description médicale
* Symptômes
* Personnes à risque

* Facteurs de risque
* Prévention
* Traitements médicaux
* L’opinion de notre médecin

* Traitements non conventionnels
* Approches à considérer
* Sites d’intérêt
* Références

Traitements possibles
Traitements médicaux

Médicaments antibiotiques ou antifongiques pris par voie vaginale ou orale.
Traitements non conventionnels
par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 3 - Vues: 9999


Récoltée à la main.
L'asperge est une plante dont les nombreuses racines émettent de
nouvelles tiges verticales chaque printemps. Elle...
par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 990

Vieillissement: inutiles, les antioxydants?

27 février 2009
– « Faut-il oublier les antioxydants? » C’est la question que posent
des chercheurs de l’Université McGill qui affirment avoir découvert que
le vieillissement ne serait peut-être pas attribuable à l’oxydation de
nos cellules.Dans une étude publiée récemment1, ils
remettent en question la théorie du stress oxydatif. Vieille de 40 ans,
elle stipule que l’accumulation de particules d’oxygène et de peroxyde
– appelées...
par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 705

Aliments frais, surgelés, en conserve? Que choisir?

par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 614

Cholestérol : vous pouvez manger vos oeufs en paix

19 février 2009 – Une consommation régulière d’oeufs aurait peu d’effet sur le taux de
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 1352


par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 3 - Vues: 731

Des statines pour tout le monde, après la cinquantaine?

13 février 2009
– Pas moins de 80 % des personnes de plus de 50 ans devraient prendre
des statines afin de réduire leur risque d’être atteint d’une maladie cardiovasculaire, selon une étude qui vient d’être publiée1.On
par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 1323

par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 1096

With people all over
the globe spending billions of dollars on skin-care products every
year, you'd think cosmetics companies had replicated the fountain of
youth in the laboratory. In fact, skin creams have gotten more and more
expensive and less and less based on real science. According to most
experts who aren't hawking half-ounce jars of $200 youth serum, the
science behind skin care is simpler than most of us think.
with most health benefits, it comes down to lifestyle, rather than how
much you can afford to spend on products. The things...
par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 6 - Vues: 731

8 More Power Foods
by Chris Shugart

Because Everybody Eats
As we say in the muscle-building world, nutrition is responsible for
50% of your results. Or is 75%? Heck, I've even heard 90%!
Whatever. We'll let the experts argue numbers. But this much is certainly
true: If you aren't paying attention to the foods you eat, you're severely hurting
your chances of building a muscular, lean, healthy body.
But let's go a step beyond the obvious.
Tell me, what do fat people and scrawny people have in...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 1477

En bref - Pesticides bannis

par Tite Prout - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 603

A Critical Hormone for Men and Women
by Jeffry S. Life, M.D. Ph.D.

Men and Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that has been intimately tied throughout time to a man’s virility and sexuality. It is the major steroid hormone of the testicles. However, testosterone is much more than just a sex hormone. With testosterone receptor sites in the brain and heart, and in fact throughout the entire body, testosterone plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy immune system, insuring proper cardiac output, and regulating mood and cognition, controlling...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 1074

Fat To Lose Fat

by Dr. John Berardi

lose fat, sometimes you have to eat fat. I know, I know, this statement
just "feels wrong." After
all, years of anti-fat campaigning have convinced us that fat is
what makes us chunky....
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 742

Santé des os: calcium ou activité physique?

26 novembre 2008 – Un supplément de calcium
aurait pour effet d’augmenter la densité osseuse des hommes de 40 ans
et plus, selon les résultats d’une récente étude néo-zélandaise1.Durant
deux ans, 323 hommes de 40 ans et plus - âgé en moyenne de 57 ans - ont
pris des doses quotidiennes...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 658

Vieillir en santé: plus de protéines pour de meilleurs muscles

27 novembre 2008
- Nous perdons tous des muscles en vieillissant. Or, maintenir ou
augmenter sa masse musculaire lorsqu’on vieillit favorise la force
physique, mais contribue aussi à la prévention du cancer et des
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 756

La reproduction humaine est menacée par la chimie
LE MONDE | 24.11.08 | 11h03 • Mis à jour le 24.11.08 | 11h05

nombre et la qualité des spermatozoïdes ont diminué d'environ 50 % par
rapport à 1950. L'incidence du cancer des testicules a doublé au cours
des trente dernières années. Le nombre de malformations génitales
masculines est en hausse : la fréquence de la cryptorchidie
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 543

Built for Show
by Nate Green

I've never worked with a client who couldn't put on
muscle and take off fat. Every client has emerged from our training
looking and feeling better — dramatically better, in many
cases. But there's never a single pattern. Sometimes people
achieve more than I expected, and I'm happy to take credit.
But sometimes they achieve less, and if I'm willing to take
credit for the overachievers I have to accept blame when a client
falls below our mutual expectations.
What I can...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 2381

Solutions to Lifting Problems
by Eric Cressey

It's happened to all of us at one point or another.
You show up to the gym, anticipating a great training session,
or even just another solid day of lifting. However, once you
start adding plates to the bar, it just isn't there.
The weights feel heavy. And, you just can't find your
groove. Stubborn ass that you are, you keep adding plates,
looking for a PR. And, of course, you get buried under your
first heavy attempt — or just fall short on the target number
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 1217

Bodybuilding's Best Kept Secret

by Don Alessi

Olympic Gold


may never make it to the Olympics, but I believe that Olympic lifting will make

it to bodybuilding. In fact, I've always recommended that bodybuilders

use Olympic lifting at certain times during the training year.


don't recommend this because I think bodybuilders need to be able to overhead

press a Hummer. I recommend it because in order to...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 2293

Leap Tall Buildings (and Build Traps of Steel)
Mondays With Thibs
by Christian Thibaudeau

Last week,
I asked you how you'd like to start your Mondays, and you came
Now, it's time for Testosterone to deliver and give you
want you want.
So, I donned my favorite robe, poured myself a fine glass of
wine, and began to ponder...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 870

7 Tips for Long Term Leanness
Getting shredded ain't that tough. Staying that way is!
by Chris Shugart

The fitness magazines are full of them. The bodybuilding rags are full
of them. Even T-Nation is full of them: articles about how to lose fat
and discover your abs. What's missing? Simple: Info on how to stay that way once you've reached your goal.
we resistance-trained gym rats make fun of housewife-types for their
yo-yo dieting ways. Yet don't many of us do the same thing, only give
it different names like "mass...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 750

Question of Nutrition: Vol 3
by Dr. Jonny Bowden

Pomegranate: the Hard Data
Q: Recently, pomegranate has been called a "natural
Viagra." What's up with that?
A: What's "up" with that — pun intended
— is that rats fed pomegranate extract in a research
environment start showing spontaneous randy behavior. The
researchers believe that the high antioxidant content of
pomegranate juice may help protect against the physical damage that
can cause erectile dysfunction.
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 717

Le yogourt: des propriétés anticancer?

22 octobre 2008 –Le yogourt pourrait avoir un effet protecteur contre le cancer de la vessie, soutiennent des chercheurs suédois.L’étude1
a été menée...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 693

10 Reasons Not to Skimp on Sleep

Too busy to go to bed? Having trouble getting quality sleep once you do? Your health may be at risk

By Sarah Baldauf
Posted October 16, 2008
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 649

3 Tiers of Fat Loss
by Dr. John Berardi

three-tiered, integrated approach to fat loss is always warranted,
yet rarely found.

articles often cover only one piece of the fat loss puzzle. One
article will discuss supplements for fat loss, another will discuss
diets for fat loss, and yet another...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 687

Sinusite: le miel contre les superbactéries

1er octobre 2008 – Le miel pourrait réussir là où les antibiotiques échouent dans le traitement de sinusites chroniques, croient des chercheurs canadiens...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 936

Gelée royale

Autre nom : lait des abeilles.[b]Indications[/b]

par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 1352

A Question of Nutrition #2
by Dr. Jonny Bowden

A noted nutrition guru tackles the topics of food allergies,
fasting, bulking diets, and that crappy weight-loss supplement your
wife wants to try.

Bulking Diets: Bashed!
Q: Most strength coaches agree that you need extra calories to
build muscle. The question is, how much extra? On one side you have
those who say to eat a few hundred calories per day over
maintenance levels. Others say to just eat a ton and train hard.
What do you...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 1551

5 Fast Fat Loss Tips

By Chad Waterbury

Let's face it, no one likes to diet. Just mentioning the word conjures
up feelings of anxiety, hunger pangs, and most of all, suffering. But
here's something you probably don't know: you don't...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 786

AFP - il y a 1 heure 49 minutes
(AFP) - L'activité des insectes pollinisateurs, menacée par la
diminution du nombre d'abeilles, représentait 153 milliards d'euros en
2005, et leur disparition entraînerait une hausse du prix des fruits et
légumes, met en garde vendredi l'Institut français de recherche
agronomique (Inra).

Cette somme représente 9,5% de la valeur totale de la production agricole mondiale.Mesurée
en poids, 35% de la production mondiale dépend des pollinisateurs,
principalement les fruits, les légumes et les oléagineux,...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 678

Stupid Things Young Guys (and Some Older Guys) Do in the

by Nate Green

Young guys like us are wired to do stupid things, as I noted in
the first part of this series,
"Stupid Things Young Guys Do in the Gym."
The mistakes we make in the kitchen aren't exactly the same
as the ones we make in the...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 1475

Broccoli 'may help protect lungs'

Sulforapane is found in broccoli and brussel sprouts

par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 469

Manger santé au resto ou à la cafétéria

par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 629

Les indispensables au garde-manger, au frigo et au congélo

Les indispensables au garde-manger, au frigo et au congélo

* Des aliments pratiques et santé à garder sous la main

toutes sortes de suggestions pour se constituer une réserve d’aliments
pratiques et santé et pour éviter d’être pris au dépourvu. Certaines
sont évidentes,...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 1726

Secrets of Plateau-Busting Nutrition
by Dr. Clay Hyght

You eat right. Actually, you eat right more than 90% of the
time. You certainly train hard. In fact, you love training and
rarely, if ever, miss a workout. You take protein and creatine,
like any serious trainee should.
Yet for some reason, you still can't make significant changes to
your physique. Though you look "good" and most people would love to
have your body, you've been roughly the same weight and body
composition for a couple...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 2033

August 26, 2008

Vitamin D Deficiency May Lurk in Babies


Until she was 11 months old, Aleanie Remy-Marquez could have starred in an advertisement for breast milk.
She took to nursing easily, was breast-fed exclusively for six or seven
months, and ate little else even after that. She was...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 464

The Truth About Nutrition
An Interview with Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S.
by Chris Shugart

I don't know if nutrition is 50 percent of the bodybuilding
game, 70 percent, or 99.9 percent. All I know is that ignoring it
is the worst mistake you can make. You won't look like you
want to look or feel like you want to feel. Chances are, if you
look in the mirror and don't like what you see, it's your diet that's
to blame.
One of the best books I've ever read on food and nutrition
is called The...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 644

Running 'can slow ageing process'

Runners avoided premature death

par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 489

La noix de macadamia: des vertus anticholestérol

août 2008 – Introduire des noix de macadamia dans son alimentation en
remplacement d’aliments riches en acides gras saturés permettrait de
réduire son taux de cholestérol. C’est la conclusion d’une étude1,2 menée à l’Université de Pennsylvanie, aux États-Unis.Vingt-cinq personnes en bonne santé, mais ayant une
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 535


The CrossFit dietary prescription is as follows:
Protein should be lean and varied and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.
Carbohydrates should be predominantly low-glycemic and account for about 40% of your total caloric load.
Fat should be predominantly monounsaturated and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.
Calories should
be set at between .7 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body
mass depending on...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 620

Vitamin C 'slows cancer growth'

An injection of a high dose of vitamin C may be able to hold back the advance of cancers, US scientists claim.

The vitamin may start a destructive chain reaction within...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 499

Broccoli may undo diabetes damage

Broccoli may help ward off prostate cancer

par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 499

Blessures musculaires (sport)

par mihou - Commentaires: 3 - Vues: 1579

Drink Coconut Water

Why Drink Coconut Water?
CocoWater is naturally:

  • Low...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 574

Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates Join to Combat Global Tobacco Epidemic

Bloomberg and Gates commit $500 million and call on governments to implement proven interventions to reduce tobacco use, save lives


Robert Lawson
Phone: +1.212.843.8040

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Phone: +1.206.709.3400

NEW YORK -- Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates today announced joint efforts to combat the global tobacco epidemic. A...
par mihou - Commentaires: 1 - Vues: 492

The Low Fructose Diet
by Cassandra Forsythe, PhD(c), CSCS, CISSN

Are you looking for that nutritional edge to get your body
composition to the next level?
Have you been eating your "five-a-day" like a good
girl should, but just can't shake that last bit of icing off
your former muffin-top?

Well, take close note: if you reduce the fructose in your diet,
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 775

New exotic fruit to hit UK shops

An unusual fruit from a native African tree, the baobab, is to be available in the UK after being approved by the EU.

The fruit, contained in a hard nut, has six times more vitamin C than oranges and twice as much calcium as milk.

African people have eaten the fruit for thousands of years, but Europeans will consume its pulp as an ingredient in smoothies and cereal bars.

Since 1997, foods not commonly consumed in the EU have had to be formally approved before going on sale.

The baobab tree grows throughout certain...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 467

Soins de la peau: six mythes tenaces revus par un dermatologue

8 juillet 2008
– La peau est souvent l’objet d’une grande attention et de nombreux
rituels. Or, les mille et un petits soins auxquels on a recours pour
améliorer son apparence sont parfois inutiles, voire inappropriés.
Voici six mythes qui ont la « couenne dure » revus et corrigés par le
dermatologue Joël Claveau.Boire huit verres d’eau par jour aide à avoir une belle peauBoire
de l’eau contribue à l’hydratation...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 508

Vitamine D

Autres noms : Calciférol, calcifédiol, cholécalciférol, ergocalciférol, dihydroxycholécalciférol, vitamine soleil, vitamine antirachitique.


Prévenir l'ostéoporose et en ralentir la progression (en association avec du calcium), améliorer l’absorption et la rétention du calcium.

Voir la légende des symboles

Efficacité possible

Prévenir divers types de cancer.

Efficacité incertaine

Contribuer à prévenir...
par mihou - Commentaires: 2 - Vues: 766

The 20 Healthiest Foods for Under $1

By: Brie Cadman
(View Profile)

prices are climbing, and some might be looking to fast foods and
packaged foods for their cheap bites. But low cost doesn’t have to mean
low quality. In fact, some...
par mihou - Commentaires: 0 - Vues: 485
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