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15 novembre 1971
Naissance du microprocesseur

Le 15 novembre 1971 est célébré l'acte de naissance du microprocesseur. Dans une publicité de la revue Electronic News, la firme Intel annonce «A microprogrammable computer on a chip» (un ordinateur programmable dans une puce).

L'inventeur, Marcia E. "Ted" Hoff, a eu l'idée d'associer sur un minuscule support tous les circuits qui constituent un ordinateur. Ce microprocesseur 4004, avec une taille de 3,2 mm, est capable d'effectuer jusqu'à 60.000 opérations par seconde. Sa puissance est comparable à celle du célèbre ENIAC,...
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Thinking Ahead to Prevent Laptop Theft

if(window.yzq_d==null)window.yzq_d=new Object();
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Is CRM Right For Your Small Business?
Customer relationship management will help you to find, obtain, and keep good customers

by Brent Leary

December 11, 2007--Thanks to companies such as and
NetSuite, customer relationship management (CRM) is easier to use,
packed with great functionality, and very affordable. All you need to
use many of these systems is a Web browser or mobile device. So, with
CRM being more accessible it's not surprising...
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Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft


Mountain View, Calif.
A CEREBRAL computer-scientist-turned-executive, Eric E. Schmidt has spent much of his career competing uphill against Microsoft, quietly watching it outflank, outmaneuver or simply outgun most of its rivals.
At Sun Microsystems, where he was chief technology officer, Mr. Schmidt looked on as Scott G. McNealy, the company’s chairman, railed against Microsoft and its leaders, Steven A. Ballmer...
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Bill Gates: The skills you need to succeed
By Bill Gates
Chairman, Microsoft

One of the most important changes of the last 30 years is that digital technology has transformed almost everyone into an information worker.

A lot of people assume that creating software is purely a solitary activity. This isn't true at all.

In almost every job now, people use software and work with information to enable their organisation to operate more effectively.

That's true for everyone from the retail store worker who uses a handheld scanner...
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A Original
It Is Still The Requirements
Getting Software Requirements Right
By James Ward
Summary: Why are information systems requirements so difficult to define? What causes the yawning
chasm between documented requirements and the actual implemented system? Requirements definition
is difficult for two major reasons. First, the customer may have only the vaguest idea of what an
information system should look like prior to implementation and use. Second, system developers lack
sufficient knowledge of the business functions a system...
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Successful Projects Begin with Well-Defined Requirements

Executive Summary
Software development projects suffer most when changes in requirements touch off a cascade of delays, revisions, and rework. Existing processes for establishing requirements are ad-hoc and inefficient, leading to miscommunication
and insufficiently defined requirements. Effective requirements definition (RD) at the outset,
involving elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation,
will help to reduce rework, speed development, and lead to dramatic time and cost savings. Borland® Caliber®...
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Le Devoir

LES ACTUALITÉS, samedi 28 avril 2007, p. a1

Perdu dans le cyberespace

Le Devoir téléporte son premier journaliste virtuel dans Second Life

Deglise, Fabien

L'avenir d'Internet sera en trois dimensions ou ne
sera pas. C'est en tout cas ce qu'annoncent depuis quelques mois les
créateurs de Second Life, un monde virtuel en ligne extrêmement
populaire où cohabitent actuellement près de six millions de citoyens
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'Cheating' the search engines
By Spencer Kelly
BBC Click

We have come to expect a lot of search engines.

Type in a phrase, and we not only expect it to find millions of relevant websites, but we also expect it to list the best or most important sites first.

Woe betide a search engine that requires me to click to page two of the results before I find the site I am looking for.

Generally they do a decent job but, up until very recently, if you were to search on the term "miserable failure", top of the Google search results...
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'Surge' in hijacked PC networks
The number of computers hijacked by malicious hackers to send out spam and viruses has grown almost 30% in the last year, according to a survey.

More than six million computers world wide are now part of a "bot network", reported security firm Symantec.

Computer users typically do not know that their PC has been hijacked.

More than a third of all computer attacks in the second half of 2006 originated from PCs in the United States, the threat report said.

While the total number of bot-net PCs...
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Developing nations to test new $150 laptops

By Jason SzepMon Feb 12, 8:45 AM ET

From Brazil to Pakistan, some of the world's poorest children will peer across the digital divide this month -- reading electronic books, shooting digital video, creating music and chatting with classmates online.

Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology academics, the non-profit "One Laptop per Child" project will roll out nearly 2,500 of its $150-laptops to eight nations in February.

The experiment is a prelude to mass production of the kid-friendly, lime-green-and-white...
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Teraflop chip hints at the future
A chip with 80 processing cores and capable of more than a trillion calculations per second (teraflop) has been unveiled by Intel.

The Teraflop chip is not a commercial release but could point the way to more powerful processors, said the firm.

The chip achieves performance on a piece of silicon no bigger than a fingernail that 11 years ago required a machine with 10,000 chips inside it.

The challenge is to find a way to program the many cores simultaneously.

Current desktop machines have up to four separate cores,...
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YouTubers to get ad money share
By Tim Weber
Business editor, BBC News website, Davos

People who upload their own films to video-sharing website YouTube will soon get a share of the ad revenue.

YouTube founder Chad Hurley confirmed to the BBC that his team was working on a revenue sharing mechanism that would "reward creativity".

The system would be rolled out in a couple of months, he said, and use a mixture of adverts, including short clips shown ahead of the actual film.

YouTube has more than 70m users a month and...
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Protocole du courriel électronique

Le courrier électronique s’impose de plus en plus comme un médium de communication aussi bien à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur des organisations. Scolarisés, innovateurs et relativement jeunes, les utilisateurs d’Internet – les internautes – jouent le rôle de leaders d’opinion, en quelque sorte : ils définissent un nouveau style d’échanges, des usages différents en matière de communication.

Situé à la frontière de l’oral et de l’écrit, le courrier électronique privilégie la rapidité et l’efficacité; il est économique, très direct et les...
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Community websites take wiki path
The founder of online encyclopaedia Wikipedia is launching a service offering free tools for people who want to build community websites.

Jimmy Wales has said his company will offer software, storage and network access and that website creators can keep advertising revenue.

Sites built with Wikia tools must provide a link to the company, which itself earns money from adverts.

Wikipedia is built and edited by users and is free for anyone to use.

Wikia is the commercial counterpart to the not-for-profit Wikipedia...
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YouTube: la nouvelle coqueluche des médias

À moins de vivre sur une autre planète, il est difficile de ne pas avoir entendu parler de YouTube. Clips extraits d'émissions télé américaines ou québécoises, paroles malheureuses de politiciens recueillies sur bande vidéo, YouTube est sans contredit le site de partage vidéo au contenu le plus varié. Et ces derniers semaines, la darling des médias.

Une petite recherche dans la base de données Eureka nous révèle qu'au cours des 7 derniers jours, l'expression YouTube est apparue à plus de 50 reprises dans les médias francophones canadiens....
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Dr. Phillip Emeagwali : Ce que j’ai appris en découvrant mon Superordinateur

Emeagwali a contribué à la naissance du Superordinateur - la technologie qui a permis de créer Internet. Il a reçu en 1989 le Prix Gordon Bell qui est l’équivalent d’un prix Nobel scientifique. L’intérêt des recherches de ce Nigérian vivant aux USA réside dans le fait qu’il a théorisé le premier la mise en réseau de 65 000 ordinateurs dédiés à une tâche précise, ouvrant ainsi toutes les latitudes au développement du système Internet qui trouvait une raison d’être et une faisabilité théorique...
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Taking control of your digital ID
Jonathan Fildes
Science and technology reporter, BBC News

Most people know that you should not throw away letters or bills that contain your personal information.

If you do, an unscrupulous criminal might raid your bin in the middle of the night and steal your discarded details.

By the time you sit down to breakfast, the midnight marauder will have assumed your identity and started applying for mortgages and credit cards in your name.

In reality the process takes a lot longer but this kind scenario has...
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L’actualité de l’informatique en ce moment, ce sont les projets Microsoft, l’affaire blu-ray, la guéguerre Apple-Sony sur la musique portative, bref, des dossiers connus, et parfois intéressants. Et bien sachez que l’actualité informatique de l’armée américaine en Irak, en ce moment, c’est l’arrivée pour le mois de juin 2005 sur le théâtre des opérations de mines anti personnelles assistées par ordinateurs. On n’arrête pas le progrès…

Système Matrix

En effet, dans le but de renforcer leurs lignes de défenses, les soldats américains stationnés à Mossoul, dans le nord de l’Irak,...
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Le langage tambouriné africain ancêtre de l’Internet?

On est toujours plongé dans une fascination et un sentiment de culpabilité lorsque nous, Africains et Afrodescendants, peuples du monde ouverts aux trésors de la diversité culturelle et des civilisations redécouvrons les merveilles des Maya, de la Chine millénaire, et l’infinité des civilisations africaines. Le langage tambouriné est de ces techniques et savoir-faire que les Africains inventèrent dans des temps immémoriaux et dont il reste encore des bribes de pratiques de nos jours.

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Concerns over security software

By Chris Long
Click producer

There are many ways to provide security, one of which is to keep harmful elements away from those parts or people they may want to damage. Exclusion is often the only way society can defend itself.

It is much the same for people that go online, where the main focus of security is keeping our data safe.

The big players like Symantec, McAfee and Sophos offer huge suites of programs aimed at protecting you and your computer online.

But there is an alternative. A growing number...
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Online advertisers change tactics

By Spencer Kelly
Click presenter

Unlike TV or radio, the internet is a relatively new arena for advertisers. With the clever consumer knowing how to block the advertisers' pop-ups, companies are having to find new ways to sell their products online.

If you have the money, you can buy a totally immersive interactive online experience.

Makers of the American TV series Lost have created an entire online game based on the programme.

The game is spread across the web, involving fake websites for fake companies,...
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US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

By Adam Brookes
BBC Pentagon correspondent

A newly declassified document gives a fascinating glimpse into the US military's plans for "information operations" - from psychological operations, to attacks on hostile computer networks.

Bloggers beware.

As the world turns networked, the Pentagon is calculating the military opportunities that computer networks, wireless technologies and the modern media offer.

From influencing public opinion through new media to designing "computer...
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Time lists 50 'coolest websites'
Video website YouTube and social networking site MySpace are among the 50 "coolest websites" of the year as chosen by US magazine Time.

The magazine breaks its choices down into categories including entertainment, shopping and news.

"We evaluate hundreds of candidates - some suggested by readers, colleagues and friends," said Time reporter Maryanne Murray-Buechner.

The magazine has kept an annual list since 2003.

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Mai 2005, p. 7


Brèves: Argent: Vous payez comptant?

Tremblay, Fabrice

Les consommateurs pourront bientôt payer leurs achats sur internet par carte de débit. Alors que nombre de personnes hésitent encore à fournir leur numéro de carte de crédit sur les sites commerciaux, ce nouveau système devra faire ses preuves en matière de sécurité.

Un premier service qui reprendra le nom d'Interac sera progressivement lancé dès cet été. L'Association canadienne des paiements (ACP), qui régit les échanges entre les banques, s'est...
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How the web went world wide
By Mark Ward
Technology Correspondent, BBC News website

In a few short years the web has become so familiar that it is hard to think of life without it.

Along with that familiarity with browsers and bookmarks goes a little knowledge about the web's history.

Many users know that Sir Tim Berners-Lee developed the web at the Cern physics laboratory near Geneva .

But few will know the details of the world wide web's growth - not least because the definitive history of how that happened has yet to be written.
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La guerre des clics

Nicolas Ritoux, collaboration spéciale
24 juillet 2006 - 08h52

Six secondes et demie: c'est le temps que consacrent en moyenne les internautes à la lecture d'une page de résultats dans un moteur de recherche.

Après ça, c'est le clic! C'est pourquoi la bataille fait rage entre les sites qui veulent être aperçus les premiers, et avoir l'honneur d'être choisis.

Cette donnée a été découverte lors d'une étude réalisée par Enquiro, une agence de «marketing dans les moteurs de recherche» basée en Colombie-Britannique.
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Wi-fi pioneers offer cheap router
A Spanish firm is to sell subsidised routers as part of a plan to turn domestic wi-fi networks into public hotspots.

Fon will sell wi-fi routers, which allow people to surf the net wirelessly, for $5 (£2.75).

The company, which has financial backing from Google and Skype, aims to create public wi-fi networks street by street across the US and Europe.

"Wi-fi is universal in cities, but access isn't," said Juergen Urbanski.

Mr Urbanski said Fon was aiming to have 50,000 working hotspots worldwide by September,...
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En Californie, le blogueur est un journaliste
L’association de défense des cyberlibertés Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Apple n’a pas le droit de forcer judiciairement des blogueurs à révéler leurs sources, a tranché la cour d’appel de l’Etat de Californie dans un jugement rendu le 26 mai 2006. Comme la presse traditionnelle, les blogs et les webzines ont le droit de protéger la confidentialité de leurs sources. Cette affaire ouvre de nouvelles perspectives à l’information en ligne.

C’est une affaire qui restera dans les annales...
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Web censorship: Correspondent reports
As human rights group Amnesty International launches a global campaign to try to halt censorship of the internet by

governments, BBC correspondents report from some countries where web users face difficulties.


Officially China does not censor the internet. According to the Chinese government, its internet regulation is no different

from that in America, Britain, or anywhere else in the world.

China says it only blocks internet sites that are damaging, such as...
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How to make the net work for you
By Mark Ward
Technology Correspondent, BBC News website

Sometimes it seems that the net is all take and no give, especially when it comes to your hard-earned cash.

You pay good money for your computer, for net access, for domains you own and places to host them. If you play an online

game regularly or have a busy blog, you might pay for that too.

To make matters worse, others make money from your browsing habits and e-mail conversations which are used to generate

adverts you might find interesting.
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Publié le 03/05/2006 à 09:25:38 par Fabrice Greff
Source : Presence PC

Community PCIntel va investir 1 milliard de dollars dans les cinq prochaines années pour développer l’usage de l’informatique et d’Internet dans les pays en voie de développement.

Un programme en trois points

Baptisé « World Ahead » , ce programme vise à développer des PC abordables et adaptés aux besoins régionaux sur le modèle du « Community PC » récemment lancé en Inde et au Mexique, pour toucher un milliard de nouveaux utilisateurs. Il a également pour but de déployer des accès Internet...
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Pays émergents et pays développés réduisent leur écart numérique

Par Lucas van Grinsven

BERLIN (Reuters) - Le fossé numérique entre pays développés et pays en développement se réduit, de plus en plus d'habitants de nations émergentes accédant à internet grâce à la téléphonie mobile et aux ordinateurs, selon une étude.

"Cette réduction est encourageante", peut-on lire dans l'étude annuelle publiée par IBM et le magazine britannique The Economist.

"C'est particulièrement manifeste en termes de connexions: les marchés émergents enregistrent la plupart des...
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The ALTER TABLE statement is used to add or drop columns in an existing table.

ALTER TABLE table_name
ADD column_name datatype

ALTER TABLE table_name
DROP COLUMN column_name

Note: Some database systems don't allow the dropping of a column in a database table (DROP COLUMN column_name).

LastName FirstName Address
Pettersen Kari Storgt 20


To add a column named "City" in the "Person" table:

ALTER TABLE Person ADD City varchar(30)

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The Update Statement
Once we have the information in the table, we might find that there is a need to modify the data. To do so, we can use the UPDATE command. The syntax for this is

UPDATE "table_name"
SET "column_1" = [new value]
WHERE {condition}

It is easiest to use an example. Say we currently have a table as below:

Table Store_Information

store_name Sales Date
Los Angeles $1500 Jan-05-1999
San Diego $250 Jan-07-1999
Los Angeles $300 Jan-08-1999
Boston $700 Jan-08-1999

We find that the sales for...
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La clause GRANT permet d'attribuer des permissions à un ou plusieurs utilisateurs sur un ou plusieurs éléments de la base de données. La syntaxe de cette clause est la suivante:

GRANT Liste_de_permissions ON Liste_d_objets TO Liste_d_utilisateurs

L'option WITH GRANT OPTION permet de définir si l'utilisateur peut lui-même accorder à un autre utilisateur les permissions qu'on lui accorde sur les éléments

Afin d'éviter à avoir à saisir l'ensemble des utilisateurs dans le cas d'une autorisation collective ou bien de citer l'ensemble des...
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The DISTINCT keyword is used to return only distinct (different) values.

The SELECT statement returns information from table columns. But what if we only want to select distinct elements?

With SQL, all we need to do is to add a DISTINCT keyword to the SELECT statement:

SELECT DISTINCT column_name(s)
FROM table_name

Using the DISTINCT keyword

To select ALL values from the column named "Company" we use a SELECT statement like this:

SELECT Company FROM Orders

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The SQL SELECT Statement

The SELECT statement is used to select data from a table. The tabular result is stored in a result table (called the result-set).

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name

Note: SQL statements are not case sensitive. SELECT is the same as select.

To select the content of columns named "LastName" and "FirstName", from the database table called "Persons", use a SELECT statement like this:

SELECT LastName,FirstName FROM Persons

The database table "Persons":
LastName FirstName Address City
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The LIKE Condition

The LIKE condition is used to specify a search for a pattern in a column.

SELECT column FROM table
WHERE column LIKE pattern

A "%" sign can be used to define wildcards (missing letters in the pattern) both before and after the pattern.
Using LIKE

The following SQL statement will return persons with first names that start with an 'O':

WHERE FirstName LIKE 'O%'

The following SQL statement will return persons with first names that end with an 'a':

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The WHERE clause is used to specify a selection criterion.
The WHERE Clause

To conditionally select data from a table, a WHERE clause can be added to the SELECT statement.

SELECT column FROM table
WHERE column operator value

With the WHERE clause, the following operators can be used:
Operator Description
= Equal
<> Not equal
> Greater than
< Less than
>= Greater than or equal
<= Less than or equal
BETWEEN Between an inclusive range

Search for a pattern
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Sometimes rather than updating, we wish to get rid of records from the table. To do so, we can use the DELETE FROM command. The syntax for this is

DELETE FROM "table_name"
WHERE {condition}

It is easiest to use an example. Say we currently have a table as below:

Table Store_Information

store_name Sales Date
Los Angeles $1500 Jan-05-1999
San Diego $250 Jan-07-1999
Los Angeles $300 Jan-08-1999
Boston $700 Jan-08-1999

and we decide not to keep any information on Los Angeles in this table. We type the following SQL:
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The INSERT INTO Statement

The INSERT INTO statement is used to insert new rows into a table.
In the previous sections, we have seen how to retrieve information from tables. But how do these rows of data get into these tables in the first place? This is what this section, covering the INSERT statement, and next section, covering tbe UPDATE statement, are about.

There are essentially basically two ways to INSERT data into a table. One is to insert it one row at a time, and the other is to insert multiple rows at a time. Let's first look at how we may INSERT...
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Trigger (gâchette): garantie de l'intégrité référentielle

Les clés étrangères permettent de définir les colonnes d'une table garantissant la validité d'une autre table. Ainsi, il existe des éléments (appelés triggers, ou en français gâchettes ou déclencheurs) permettant de garantir l'ensemble de ces contraintes que l'on désigne par le terme d'intégrité référentielle, c'est-à-dire notamment de s'assurer qu'un tuple utilisé à partir d'une autre table existe réellement.
Ces triggers sont ON DELETE et ON UPDATE:
ON DELETE est suivi d'arguments entre accolades permettant de...
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Definition de clés

Grâce à SQL, il est possible de définir des clés, c'est-à-dire spécifier la (ou les) colonne(s) dont la connaissance permet de désigner précisément un et un seul tuple (une ligne).
L'ensemble des colonnes faisant partie de la table en cours permettant de désigner de façon unique un tuple est appelé clé primaire et se définit grâce à la clause PRIMARY KEY suivie de la liste de colonnes, séparées par des virgules, entre parenthèses. Ces colonnes ne peuvent alors plus prendre la valeur NULL et doivent être telles que deux lignes ne puissent avoir simultanément...
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CREATE DATABASE database_name

CREATE TABLE table_name
column_name1 data_type,
column_name2 data_type,
LastName varchar,
FirstName varchar,
Address varchar,
Age int

LastName varchar(30),
FirstName varchar,
Address varchar,
Age int(3)

(First_Name char(50),
Last_Name char(50),
Address char(50),
City char(50),
Country char(25),
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Introduction to SQL

SQL is a standard computer language for accessing and manipulating databases.
What is SQL?
SQL stands for Structured Query Language
SQL allows you to access a database
SQL is an ANSI standard computer language
SQL can execute queries against a database
SQL can retrieve data from a database
SQL can insert new records in a database
SQL can delete records from a database
SQL can update records...
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Nouvelles technologies: le grand fossé

Dans un contexte de forte croissance des communications, du commerce et des services en ligne, il convient d'investir en permanence dans la sécurité des systèmes. La sécurité est l'affaire de tous et il est dommage de constater qu'une fois encore, l'Afrique est en bout de chaîne. Aucune prévision, aucun groupe de travail ne s'attache actuellement à l'étude de cet environnement pourtant devenu critique dans les échanges internationaux. On parle de globalisation, de mondialisation et l'Afrique peine toujours à suivre le mouvement de l'évolution...
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Nouvelles technologies: le grand fossé

Dans un contexte de forte croissance des communications, du commerce et des services en ligne, il convient d'investir en permanence dans la sécurité des systèmes. La sécurité est l'affaire de tous et il est dommage de constater qu'une fois encore, l'Afrique est en bout de chaîne. Aucune prévision, aucun groupe de travail ne s'attache actuellement à l'étude de cet environnement pourtant devenu critique dans les échanges internationaux. On parle de globalisation, de mondialisation et l'Afrique peine toujours à suivre le mouvement de l'évolution...
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Vinton G. Cerf
Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist
Vinton G. Cerf is vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. He is responsible for identifying new enabling technologies and applications on the Internet and other platforms for the company. Widely known as a "Father of the Internet," Vint is the co-designer with Robert Kahn of TCP/IP protocols and basic architecture of the Internet.

In 1997, President Clinton recognized their work with the U.S. National Medal...
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Robert E. Kahn
Robert E. Kahn is Chairman, CEO and President of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), which he founded in 1986 after a thirteen year term at the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). CNRI was created as a not-for-profit organization to provide leadership and funding for research and development of the National Information Infrastructure.

After receiving a B.E.E. from the City College of New York in 1960, Dr. Kahn earned M.A. and Ph.D. degrees...
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